16 Mar

A study on youth unemployment

Due to the high rate of youth unemployment in the country, New Generation will be  commissioning this year a study on the issue of youth unemployment in Burundi. This study will enable young people to advocate for their rights using concrete facts. It will also reveal some of the existing opportunities available for the youth in Burundi and provide some recommendations that can be used to fight against the issue of unemployment.

An expert consultant has been hired to carry  out this study and the findings will be shared with the public.

16 Mar

Engaging the Youth of Burundi: New Generation Third Public Campaign

New Generation held its third “Burundi, Urwaruka Turashoboye” public campaign in Muyinga. This took place on Saturday 21st February at the stadium and hundreds of people attended. The event began with a football match, followed by entertainment from local artists and the message of the campaign shared by the CEO, Dieudonné Nahimana, who is originally from Muyinga.

Young people were encouraged not lose hope but to stay strong and work hard to develop their country.

03 Mar

Training young people in Muyinga

Training activities and coaching sessions for the 25 young entrepreneurs selected in Muyinga took place this month from  17th to 21st February. To be selected in this program, one must have graduated from high school, be unemployed and available to follow the training, have innovative ideas and be below the age of 35. At the end of the training, each entrepreneur is expected to start his own organisation. This program is highly beneficial to the youth in Burundi as it addresses the problem of unemployment and poverty.