07 Jul

Derrick is out of the hospital

Since last year in June, Derrick has been in the hospital for various treatment on his knees. His condition became increasingly worse as doctors discovered that his leg had been seriously damaged by non-treated injuries. He was operated many times on both legs at “Centre Medical Chretienne(CCC)” and CCC Hospital.

Derrick was finally released from the hospital on the 10th June. The children at New Generation were so happy to see him again. Since the 4th July, he has been going at Saint Kizito hospital for Kinesitherapy sessions.

07 Jul

Outreach at Lycée Kayanza

On the 24th June, the New Generation team went to Kayanza, a province located in Northern Burundi to speak to the youth at a local school, challenging them to embrace a new way of thinking that can enable them to experience success in the future. This was a highly important activity for us as one of our objectives at New Generation is to bring the youth to turn away from wicked ways and renew their way of thinking. 102 students registered to be members of a New Generation club that will be starting soon in this school.

07 Jul

2016 International Day of the African Child

This year, we celebrated the international day of the African child with 115 children at the New Generation Center. 60 of these children still live on the streets. This event was an opportunity for us to remind them that they are not forgotten and encourage them not to lose hope because of the problems that they are encountering on the streets.
The New Generation team that went to Rio this year also read the Rio Resolution to the children. The Rio Resolution speaks about children’s right to education, protection from violence and legal identity. This was highly important to the street children as they came to know more about their rights. Innocent, Armel and Vianney also demonstrated some Brazilian dances and drums to the kids.