07 Jul

Derrick is out of the hospital

Since last year in June, Derrick has been in the hospital for various treatment on his knees. His condition became increasingly worse as doctors discovered that his leg had been seriously damaged by non-treated injuries. He was operated many times on both legs at “Centre Medical Chretienne(CCC)” and CCC Hospital.

Derrick was finally released from the hospital on the 10th June. The children at New Generation were so happy to see him again. Since the 4th July, he has been going at Saint Kizito hospital for Kinesitherapy sessions.

07 Jul

Outreach at Lycée Kayanza

On the 24th June, the New Generation team went to Kayanza, a province located in Northern Burundi to speak to the youth at a local school, challenging them to embrace a new way of thinking that can enable them to experience success in the future. This was a highly important activity for us as one of our objectives at New Generation is to bring the youth to turn away from wicked ways and renew their way of thinking. 102 students registered to be members of a New Generation club that will be starting soon in this school.

07 Jul

2016 International Day of the African Child

This year, we celebrated the international day of the African child with 115 children at the New Generation Center. 60 of these children still live on the streets. This event was an opportunity for us to remind them that they are not forgotten and encourage them not to lose hope because of the problems that they are encountering on the streets.
The New Generation team that went to Rio this year also read the Rio Resolution to the children. The Rio Resolution speaks about children’s right to education, protection from violence and legal identity. This was highly important to the street children as they came to know more about their rights. Innocent, Armel and Vianney also demonstrated some Brazilian dances and drums to the kids.

26 Nov

Speaking Engagement at LLT and Lycee Ngagara

On the 13th November, we visited a New Generation Club at Lycée du Lac Tanganyika (a public High School in Bujumbura) and taught the students the importance of making right decisions now in order to achieve their dreams and goals in the future. Through this session, the students learnt a lot from Nahimana Dieudonné and his testimony and experience in life.
We also spoke to more than 300 students from Lycée Ngagara on the 14th November about success and how one can become successful in life. This activity was organized as part of our campaign Urwaruka Turashoboye (Youth We can!).

16 Nov

Muyinga Gir’ubuntu campaign

On the 30th and 31st October, the New Generation team went to Gasorwe for a special campaign to promote healing and reconciliation in this community. We began the campaign with a special workshop on the 30th October, bringing together 70 youth leaders from different religions, ethnic groups and associations. Through this workshop, we looked at the history of Burundi and assessed the role that young people can play in order to end the cycle of violence in Burundi.

On the 31st October, we held a campaign in Bihogo where more than 1500 people came to hear a message of hope and encouragement, promoting peace and reconciliation. We started the campaign with an entertaining football match between Imboneza FC (NG football team) and 11 Rapide Junior from Gasorwe. After the match, the founder of New Generation conveyed the message of the campaign to the public.

27 Oct

Atelier de Réflexion

Dans l’atelier de réflexion de ce vendredi 23 octobre 2015 qui a eu dans les enceintes du Centres Jeune Kamenge.
Teddy Claude Harushimana a présenté son étude sur la généalogie de l’établissement des ethnies au Burundi afin que la génération présente sache l’histoire des différentes guerres qui ont eu lieu et leur cause afin qu’elle ne commette pas ces mêmes erreurs.

Dieudonné Nahimana a dirige un moment de débat qui a pour finalité un programme de différentes activités à entreprendre pour influencer la jeunesse dans leur façon de penser vers la voie de la construction du Burundi.

Les causes des différentes tueries qu’a connues le Burundi sont classées en 3 catégories a savoir :
• La perte des valeurs
• Le manque du sens de patriotisme
• Le sous développement économique

Il est temps pour les Burundais d’entrer dans une ère de leadership où le leader est serviteur de ceux qu’il dirige et non le contraire et où le bien être des prochains est prioritaire.
Et savoir que le développement économique commence par soi-même dans le fait d’être entrepreneur chacun dans son domaine.