16 Nov

New Generation Club Gasorwe

On the 11th and 12th November, New Generation organized a special meeting with more than 150 young people from Gasorwe, Muyinga. These youth came from different background, ethnic groups and religions. This month, we are planning to create a New Generation Club in Gasorwe. It is through this club that these young people will continue to meet up and follow different training and coaching sessions in leadership, entrepreneurship and active non-violence. Our goal is to prepare them to become good leaders who will positively change their communities in the future.

04 Sep

An exciting month for the MFSII participants

Last month was exciting for the young entrepreneurs from Makamba and Muyinga. They participated in two special training centered on accounting and financial management of income generating activities as well as tax regulations in Burundi. They were delighted to learn new technics that will enable them to have businesses that are well structured and well planned. They also came to Bujumbura on the last week of August to officially register their organizations with API (Burundi Investment Promotion Authority).

On the 28th August 2015, a special graduation ceremony for the MFSII participants,  took place at the Royal Palace Hotel. Different partners and government officials attended this event. A special prize of one million was given to three participants who participated in a business plan competition and wrote the best business plan.

03 Mar

Training young people in Muyinga

Training activities and coaching sessions for the 25 young entrepreneurs selected in Muyinga took place this month from  17th to 21st February. To be selected in this program, one must have graduated from high school, be unemployed and available to follow the training, have innovative ideas and be below the age of 35. At the end of the training, each entrepreneur is expected to start his own organisation. This program is highly beneficial to the youth in Burundi as it addresses the problem of unemployment and poverty.