16 Nov

New Generation Club Gasorwe

On the 11th and 12th November, New Generation organized a special meeting with more than 150 young people from Gasorwe, Muyinga. These youth came from different background, ethnic groups and religions. This month, we are planning to create a New Generation Club in Gasorwe. It is through this club that these young people will continue to meet up and follow different training and coaching sessions in leadership, entrepreneurship and active non-violence. Our goal is to prepare them to become good leaders who will positively change their communities in the future.

04 Aug

Off to England

After waiting for their visa for several days in Kampala (Uganda), Innocent and Eric finally flew to England on Saturday the 11th July for a three-month accelerated training in English at Studio Cambridge. They were both excited and grateful to participate in this training.

In an interview made before their departure to London, Eric and Innocent expressed their joy for being given such an opportunity to acquire more knowledge which they will come back and share with their friends at New Generation. They were also honored to be the ambassadors of Burundi again, but this time in the UK. They did not forget to thank their supervisors at New Generation who always teach them along with other young people to believe in their dreams in spite of their present situation.

We wish to thank Street Child United for all the support provided to these youths and for giving them a chance to pursue their dreams.

03 Aug

Youth solidarity for non-violence

On the 25th June, New Generation in partnership with Christian Initiative for peace organized a special conference bringing together young people from different political parties and movements. Dieudonne Nahimana, along with Manirakiza Onesphore from Harvest for Christ ministries, spoke about active non-violence, its importance and how one can use this approach to reach his goals and objectives especially during the current crisis in Burundi.

Two movies, one showing the struggle that Mahtma Gandhi led in India and another “Iyomenya” (If I had known) produced by New Generation in 2010, illustrated  this point to the youth who had come. They were afterwards given an opportunity to ask questions and share their ideas. They also recommended some of the strategies to use in order to promote non-violence in Burundi and convey messages without using violence.

As part of this project, new social media pages were also created by New Generation to keep the youth updated on this topic of non-violence and communicate with them.

These are the social media pages that were created:

–  Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Girubuntu/114905462182608?fref=ts

– Twitter : https://twitter.com/Gir_Ubuntu

–  Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCN0xQWM8DUOLFjfw9FI1Oww

– Soundcloud:  https://soundcloud.com/girubuntu

31 Jul

Youth Entrepreneurship Program

The month of July has been exciting for the future entrepreneurs of Makamba and Muyinga part of the youth entrepreneurship project (MFSII). They participated in two special training this month centered on accounting and financial management of income generating activities as well as tax regulations in Burundi.

Through this training, the participants had an opportunity to share some of the difficulties they encounter daily in relation to managing their income generating activities as well as taxation. They learnt new technics that will enable them to have businesses that are well structured and well planned.

However due to the current crisis happening in Burundi, some of the entrepreneurs from Makamba and Muyinga were unable to make it to this training. But those who came actively participated in the sessions and showed great willingness to learn

16 Mar

A study on youth unemployment

Due to the high rate of youth unemployment in the country, New Generation will be  commissioning this year a study on the issue of youth unemployment in Burundi. This study will enable young people to advocate for their rights using concrete facts. It will also reveal some of the existing opportunities available for the youth in Burundi and provide some recommendations that can be used to fight against the issue of unemployment.

An expert consultant has been hired to carry  out this study and the findings will be shared with the public.

16 Mar

Engaging the Youth of Burundi: New Generation Third Public Campaign

New Generation held its third “Burundi, Urwaruka Turashoboye” public campaign in Muyinga. This took place on Saturday 21st February at the stadium and hundreds of people attended. The event began with a football match, followed by entertainment from local artists and the message of the campaign shared by the CEO, Dieudonné Nahimana, who is originally from Muyinga.

Young people were encouraged not lose hope but to stay strong and work hard to develop their country.