How We Operate

We have three main programs and nine projects that we are currently working on in order to achieve our objectives.

These are:

I. Advocacy and youth engagement
II. Training and coaching in leadership and youth entrepreneurship
III. Socio-economic reintegration of young people

For the First Program:

1) GIR-UBUNTU: This is a campaign of truth, reconciliation and healing in order to promote active non-violence in Burundi
2) GIR-IZINA: This is an advocacy campaign created to assist street children who do not have full names (some street children in Burundi only have nicknames) or legal documents (national Identity cards, birth certificates).
3) URWARUKA TURASHOBOYE: This is a campaign designed to help young people occupy better socio-economic positions in Burundi.
4) CLUB NEW GENERATION: New Generation has clubs in high schools in Bujumbura. It also has one in Muyinga where the members are taught the vision of New Generation and debate on various topics with the goal of changing their communities.

For the Second Program:

In 2013, we joined forces with Spark (another international non-governmental organization) to work on a youth entrepreneurship project (also known as MFSII). The MFSII project, is a project that focuses on giving opportunities to young people (below the age of 35) who finished secondary education and have no stable job or are still struggling in their businesses. So far, we have been able to train 92 young people in entrepreneurship.
As part of this project we also have a Training and Resource Center where young people can access different materials (books, Videos, Computers) and benefit from various training courses (English, IT, leadership, entrepreneurship).

For the Third Program:

1) Road to school: This is a program designed to help reintegrate Street Children back to School
2) Redeeming the land: A project with the purpose of stopping the cycle of poverty in Burundi
3) Maison d’accueil: Through this project we provide shelter/accommodation to street children
4) Imboneza sporting club: A project with the goal of detecting and developing sport talents among children and young people