We work with local, regional and international partners to ensure that we build connections within the NGO and child rights community in Burundi and East Africa as well as developing links with partners and donors internationally.

Our main international partner is Street Action based in the UK. We work closely with Street Action to raise financial support for our programmes working with street children as well as seeking to raise awareness of the issues children face on the streets of Burundi through advocacy and research.





A brief introduction to Street Action

Street Action is committed to supporting local partners working with street children, providing sustainable financial support and promoting the work they do.

Street Action currently works in partnership with local organisations in Burundi and South Africa to tackle the complex needs of children living on the streets. They particularly support local organisations such as New Generation, who are playing key roles in the development of more effective strategies.

You can support our work though our partner Street Action by donating online. The quickest and most direct way of helping us is to donate now, ideally on a regular monthly basis.