Our organisation conducts a wide range of programmes with children and young people including leadership training, assistance to street children, health programs, skills training, and campaigning to raise awareness about the issues young people face in Burundi today.

Cafe-1The Tree Café

In an attempt to make ourselves more self-sustaining we have started planning various enterprises to generate an income for New Generation. One such enterprise is The Tree Café and Restaurant run from our property in Bujumbura, managed and staffed by adults that have passed through the New Generation programme.

It takes $1 to feed one child for one day. The profits from our café will go directly to the children to help feed and support them. Everything is in place to start developing our café but we need an initial injection of capital to buy the basic equipment needed for a restaurant. Once we have enough basic equipment to open our café we can then develop it slowly with our own income.

MuyingaHouse-1Street Children Village: Providing a Home and a Future

Together with our partner Street Action we are developing a residential street children’s village in the town of Muyinga in North East Burundi. The village is intended to be a self-sustaining community that would provide children living on the street with short and long term alternatives to street life while helping them to re-integrate into their communities.

While at the village the children will be provided with:

  • A safe home where they will live as part of a small community of children and adults.
  • Intensive, non-formal education in preparation for re-entry into mainstream schools.
  • Rehabilitation, counselling and family reintegration work.
  • A safe space where they can play, interact with other children and develop a social support network.

The village will have four houses which will be able to accommodate a total of 40 children as well as a guest house which will be used to generate income for the village and a small farm which will be set up and run by the children. The food grown on the farm will be used to feed the children in the village and any surplus will be sold in order to generate some income. This is an exciting and innovative way of helping children make the transition from living and working on the streets back into their communities.

The land was given to us by the Burundian government and the construction of the first house was started in the beginning of 2010. The construction of the first house has almost been completed and we plan to open the hose and move 12 of the children from our outreach and intervention programme in Bujumbura. We are still in need of $3,000 to install the final fittings in the house and to furnish it.

The budget for the completion of the rest of the village is between $400,000 and $500,000. This would cover the construction and furnishing of the remaining three houses ($18,000 per house,) the development of the farm and the guest house as well as the running costs for the first year after which the village will be self sustaining.

If you want to make a once-off donation, however small, to this project then you can do so by visiting the New Generation Village appeal on Street Action’s online giving site:

If you know of people, organisations or funders who may want to donate larger sums, or play a larger role in this project, then please introduce them to us.