To reach and expand its audience, New Generation Burundi ( NGB)  has, for several years, developed programs that meet the needs of its target groups: young people and children. In each program, there are projects. Four programs have been set up:

1. Gir’Ubuntu


Burundi has a large population of young people (over 60% according to the 2012 UNDP report). The civil war that has ravaged the country for more than two decades, the lack of far-sighted leadership to transcend ethnic and regional differences etc., the unequal distribution of resources: These are the conditions that led the country in a situation of despair resulting into people being inactive and seem to have plunged the strength of our nation into a situation of apathy.

But also lives that became victim and vulnerable due to ignorance and could only find refuge in the street, the only safe place according to them.

To face this situation which could have potentially handicapped the future of the country, NEW GENERATION committed to contribute to the awakening of this generation in order to bring back  awareness and consciousness needed for the youth , and the potential that the country has which are sufficient enough to change the future.

3. Road to school

This program allows children to go to school and develop skills and talent that will help them in their future goals.

New Generation Burundi is currently supporting 27 girls and 49 boys through the Road to School Program

2. Imboneza


The problems facing the world in general and Burundi in particular are rooted in ignorance of the potential of human beings for positive influence and for solving community problems.

NEW GENERATION has intervened in this area to provide young people with access to the knowledge and information necessary to develop themselves and meet the needs of their communities.

4. Gir’Iteka


The reintegration of street-connected children remains a major issue in Burundi. Except from a few rare initiatives like ours; the interventions of the Ministry of National Solidarity, Human Rights and Gender for instance remain minimal.

In order to support these children whose rights are not recognized, NEW GENERATION has created a transition centre where those who are identified as more vulnerable and need more protection and attention are welcomed.

Since 2020, the programs have improved keeping in mind the 2 target groups: young people and children. The first two programs (Gir’ubuntu and Imboneza) were merged into a single program: Youth Program (click for more). The Gir’iteka program is now called the Street Children Program (click for more).

I. Youth program

NGB works with young people from all socio-economic backgrounds.

The projects developed during 2020 are:

  • Healing of memories: the project aims to sensitize young people to develop their talents and skills and also practice forgiveness and reconciliation with other Burundian citizens
  • Entrepreneurship: Train young people to set up innovative businesses that can generate employment and having an impact in the communities where they are located.
  • Promoting girls at risk: NGB encourages vulnerable girls to take charge of their own destiny.
  • Service leadership: Train young people to be servant leaders and set up a network of young beneficiaries through this training.
  • Creation and revitalization of clubs: NGB is a movement that functions through a chain of clubs. Currently, the organisation has 9 clubs (Gatumba, Gasorwe, Lycee du Lac Tanganyika , 2 clubs in  Kinindo, Kayanza, Mutaho) which are spread over 4 provinces.
  • Resource and Training Centre:  This centre allows club members and the general public to benefit from different types of training (IT, managing social media, Entrepreneurship and English) and to facilitate research on the Internet. The centre also has a library.

II. Children’s program

This program aims to guide, supervise and educate children in street situations.

In this program, the projects that are implemented are as follows:

  • Back to school: academic support project for children who do not live in the streets anymore
  • Outreach: project to identify, guide and supervise children living in the street
  • Imboneza Sports: training and supervision in different domains such as football and athletics.
  • University Fund: loan opportunities for students who would like to continue their higher education

About Us

New Generation Burundi was founded and lead by Dieudonné Nahimana. Dieudonné struggled to find a place to live after his father was murdered during the 1993 war.

Dieudonné says that in the streets, he noticed that street children were one of the first groups that disregarded the notion of ethnic difference in Burundi.

This inspired him to come up with a project that draws strength from and with street children, to not only get them off the streets but also to develop future leaders for a better country.