Vianney’s journey

On the 21st of May 2021, New Generation Burundi ( NGB) took part in the graduation ceremony of a young man called Vianney .

Vianney is 24 years old and has been raised by New Generation Burundi ( NGB). He has benefitted from the Back to School program which provided the means for him to re-enter full time education, providing his school fees and giving him a stable home.

He is a beneficiary of the University Fund Program since 2016 and the first ever to do so at NGB. He graduated in the field of Business Administration from International University of Equator (Bujumbura). He sees himself as a future business man or working as a manager in a bank or a reputed company. He has done a 2 month academic internship with Kenya Commercial Bank Burundi and in June 2019 started a professional internship, working in the Administration department.

He has been working as a staff member at NGB since July 2020.

He works as an Educational Assistant and he wants to set an example for children taken care of by NGB to study seriously just as he did in order to fulfil their dreams and have a better future. He wishes to pursue his Master in Business Administration ( MBA)

NGB would like to congratulate Vianney on his success and we hope to impact other young people’s lives positively and guide them on their way to success.

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