Envisioning a better world

Hello! My name is Chanciella Ishimwe. I’m a 19 year old student pursuing my first year in the faculty of Law at Université du Lac Tanganyika ( Bujumbura).

I joined the Kinindo Leadership club towards the end of 2019 and I am currently the Head of the club. Joining the club has turned out to be very beneficial for me as I got the opportunity to be able to listen to my inner voice and the courage to pursue my passion and follow my dream which has always been to study Law and see myself as a Lawyer in the near future.

I have learnt so much in the Leadership club such as personal skills and personality development, living in a society while respecting other people’s opinions and gracefully accepting the differences being able to follow my vision, define my priorities in life and much more.

Once I graduate, I would love to work closely with women living upcountry as they live in harsh conditions and they need immense support to live their lives in their own way. I wish to see and work towards a world where women are valued in all spheres of life such as social, economical and political; a world where women are free to make their own decisions. We, at New Generation, believe in Chanciella’s vision and are confident that she will be able to bring a positive change in these women’s lives with her enthusiasm and faith in this initiative.

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