Paving my path

‘’My name is Claude and I’m 23 years old.

I was 6 years old when I joined New Generation and it was my first time joining school. I started with Primary 1.

My family condition was not good at that time.

I used to roam on the streets of Kinindo with a group of friends, in order to look for food

The Outreach Team from New Generation approached us one day, and explained about the work the organization is involved in. I was invited to the centre where we were given food, we used to play football and participate in prayer sessions.

I studied till Standard 8, and decided to specialize in a skill that I was interested in .I got certified in the field of Mechanics. And now I work as a driver for New Generation

My dream is to open my own garage one day. ‘’

New Generation is so proud of his growth, and to see his dedication and hard work in driving the team around. Claude has a positive impact in the work we do.

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