Hope in uncertainty

‘’My name is Dorine Irambona and I’m 23 years old

I recently graduated from secondary school and will soon join University

I came in contact with New Generation through other children who were on the street, we were in a group and we came to the centre for food. I remember being 10 years old at that time.

I also attended a few sessions under the Outreach program.

My situation at home was pretty decent and not very bad those days, but later as time went on, it became very challenging for me, and I’m grateful for New Generation, as I was given an opportunity to go to school.

I want to pursue Banking & Insurance at University, and I really wish to work in the same field.

I want to tell young girls who are still on the streets not to lose hope. Things can get better at any point in your life’’

New Generation is proud of Dorine’s achievements and cheering for her as she is on the way to pursue her future aspirations

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