Going strong

Sonia is 23 years and sells bananas, sweet potatoes and beans. She encountered personal problems and decided to learn about business. She was granted a loan by NGB. She is putting into practice the theories and concepts she learnt during the Entrepreneurship training and she is now able to manage her business in a better way.

COVID-19 affected the prices of goods she sells. Business has been low. For instance, she used to sell a bunch of bananas for 8000 BIF (approximately $ 4) and now she sells it for 5000 BIF ( approximately  $3)  so that she can keep her business running. To counter the negative effects of the virus, whereas previously she used to buy wholesale in Bujumbura, she has now decided to go upcountry and directly purchase the goods from the farmers at a lower price.

The political situation also affected her business negatively. People were scared to move around and especially go to places very far from town.

The political tension and people’s apprehensions impacted the transport prices so she had to pay 30 % more for her goods to reach Bujumbura.

She is currently unable to have all her goods on display for the customers to buy. She wants to shift to a bigger market that will attract more clients and increase her income.

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