Beyond the sky

Hello! My name is Issa and I am 16 years old.

I study at ECOFO in Buringa and I just finished my 4th Grade. I really like my school and I enjoy studying maths, Kirundi and French.

I am currently staying in Bujumbura.

I was able to secure the first rank in my class with an overall score of 75 %.

Nowadays, we hear about Coronavirus. I know it’s a very dangerous pandemic and one needs to clean hands with a good soap to protect you.

I enjoy playing football.

I like the idea of flying; when I grow up I would like to become a pilot. Issa’s  first contact with NGB was 4 years back.  He was then a street-connected child who has now been reintegrated into his community. NGB has since taken care of his education.

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