A life beyond the streets

‘’My name is Fiston and I’m 17 years old.

I spent 3 years on the streets.

An incident that shook me up few years back was when our house took fire. My friends in the neighbourhood advised me to accompany them on the streets. I did so and I considered that to be a solution to the ongoing food shortage at home. I therefore decided to go on the streets without telling my mother and my 2 younger brothers.

While being on the streets, I realized that it’s not a nice feeling to be a street child.

The Outreach team from NGB found me on the street, and they took me to the centre.

 The team asked us about the challenges street-connected children face on the streets. And I was asked if I would want go back home, I said yes. Since that day, I never looked back’’.

NGB took the initiative to support Fiston, and reintegrate him into his family in Ruziba in the month of August 2020. A kit of basic necessities (mattress, bed sheets, clothes, etc) was given to him.

In October 2020, some staff members from NGB visited Fiston’s Mum in Ruziba. She was blessed with a baby girl and she was happy with his son not going back to the streets and being able to contribute towards house expenses.

The team then visited Fiston at his new workplace.

‘’I am currently working as a waiter at a small barbecue joint’’, he said.

‘’ I have my breakfast and lunch at my workplace. After work, I buy food for my Mum and brothers and we all have dinner together. I would want to work for myself, start my own business .

I would want NGB to help me in building my own house so that I can start living an independent life’’ We wish all the success to Fiston in his endeavours and wish to continue helping street-connected children with the support of current and potential future partners.

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