Scoring high


‘’My name is  Niyonkuru Alain Clinton Billy and I’m 19 years old. I am studying  Economics at  Lycee Municipal Mutanga Sud  of Bujumbura. I’m in 11th Standard and my favourite subject is Accounting

During my 1st semester, I found it hard to adapt to the new system .It took me some time to understand new subjects such as financial mathematics .I didn’t’ do well in my first semester.

During my second semester, I gave myself an objective of scoring good grades.. I increased my learning hours both in school and at home by approaching my friends who mastered specific subjects. I focused more on difficult subjects and engaged into group studies.

I want to become a business man so that I can support my loved ones. I call them “ My Family’’.

I also wish to support and do something for the development of my native province called Bururi. I believe that if my province is developed, the people living there will also prosper.

I love watching football on television and economic or political documentaries’’. Billy scored good grades during the 2nd semester and NGB continues to encourage him in his studies. The organisation has been supporting him since 2014.

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