No longer a street child

“Hello! My name is Jean-Marie and I’m 15 years old. Here is my story:

I remember my life before I came to New Generation. I used to live with my brother and my mother. Life was tough. We didn’t have food at home. We didn’t have money to pay house rent. Nobody helped us during that time. There was no place to stay.

I didn’t want to be a burden on my mother so I decided to go on the streets. My brother also joined me after some time. The street was now my home.

I happened to meet one of the staff from the Outreach programme called Innocent. He said he is from New Generation Burundi (NGB). After having a conversation with him, I decided to visit the organization. Things changed from thereon.

During my stay at the transition centre of NGB, I learnt how to adopt new behaviours and advise on how to leave the street life. The organization decided to reintegrate me in school. I felt extremely happy. I also got the opportunity to now stay in one of the houses after leaving the transition centre. My brother followed the same path.

I started school from September 14, 2021 and I am in Class 5 (Primary)

I would like to become a singer or an actor in the future’’.

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