A Great Academic Year

This month, the children supported by New Generation concluded the 2014- 2015 academic year in style. They performed exceptionally well in school. We have 40 children in primary school and 9 in secondary school. In primary school, 14 children figured among the top five students of their classes (five having the highest score in their classes)  and 16 of them figured among the top ten students of their classes. Only one child will have to repeat his class. In secondary school, they all succeeded with good marks.

Last Friday, we organized a special event to congratulate them for their perseverance and success in school. We also distributed special prizes to those who figured among the top ten students of their classes.

We wish thank all our partners for enabling us to provide breakfast, lunch and even host some of these children at the New Generation Center. We look forward with excitement to the new academic year starting in the next few days.

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