A successful reintegration

Thierry, 12 years old, is the only child of his parents and hails from Gasorwe (198 km from Bujumbura). His father is a trader.

After his parents separated, he came to Bujumbura and stayed with one of his relatives for a month before leaving to seek refuge on the streets.

Just a few months back, he lost his grandmother who brought him up all this while. He was close to her.

When in Bujumbura, he met some friends on the street who had heard about New Generations Burundi’s work (NGB).  Thierry soon became a part of the Outreach Program that specifically focuses on supporting street-connected children by inculcating good values in them, making them aware about their rights, providing medical care in case of emergencies and getting them to play together and develop their talents.

On February 5th, 2022 NGB’s team accompanied Thierry to his native province and he is very grateful for that. He is now back home in his grandfather’s house and wishes to go back to school.

Thierry wants to do something for orphans in the future.

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