Delice’s story


‘’My name is Delice and I’m 16 years old. I’m part of Imboneza FC and one of the players who will represent Burundi during the Street Child World Cup happening in Qatar this October.

Playing football seems like a God given gift to me. It’s my passion and I wish to pursue it in the future too.

I personally have been training for 1 year and I have seen a lot of improvements in my game.

About the theme of Education, I would like to mention that even if a kid is in street situation, he or she has the right to go to school. While on the streets, a kid has access to limited resources but if given an opportunity to study, the same kid can have hope for a better future

Representing Burundi on an international platform means something huge and I never thought I would have this opportunity when I was still a street-connected child.

Through football, I have the opportunity today to represent my country and show my talent.

Being able to be the voice of many street-connected children and advocating for them is truly an amazing feeling’’

The team was able to qualify for the semi-finals. The theme of Education was put forward with other countries during the Congress and General Assembly during the Street Child World Cup in October 2022.

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