Happy New Year!

Happy New Year partners and friends of New Generation! 2015 is going to be an exceptional year for us. We plan to continue making a positive impact in the lives of children, young people and families in Burundi while still following the three major objectives that we have as an organisation. These objectives are:

  • To get the youth to turn away from wicked ways and renew their way of thinking
  • To provide young people with artistic and intellectual training with the purpose of restoring our culture and for the glory of God.
  • To bring the youth to participate in vocational training and in the production of goods and services for sustainable socio-economic development.

This year, New Generation wants to reach out to more street children and bring them out of the streets. We plan to reach out to the youth, who make up the majority of the population of Burundi (nearly 50% of the population is under 14) with a message of peace and reconciliation, encouraging them to build their country and contribute to its development.

As 2015 is an election year in Burundi, we plan to advocate for a change in some of the laws and statutes that limit young people from occupying better socio-economic positions. This time, we want the youth to participate positively in the elections and not be used by politicians to destroy their own country.

We invite you to join us again this year, as we make all this and much more happen!

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