A beautiful reintegration

Agnes, a 7 year old girl, hails from Muyinga.  One day her mother decided to send her to Bujumbura, where a friend had said they could find a place for Agnes as a domestic worker.

Agnes was too little to do the household chores, so they abandoned her on the streets.

Some friends of New Generation spotted the girl on the street, spoke to her and helped with some basic necessities. The next day, May 29, 2023, Agnes came to the New Generation centre, and she was taken care of at the girl’s house (where the girls are accommodated)

A team went to Muyinga to check on Agnes’ background and explain her current situation to the mother.

On a beautiful morning four days later, the team accompanied the little girl to Muyinga .

There was a deep conversation around the rights of street children with the mother, and the local administration who is now also involved in this situation.

This was a beautiful reintegration. New Generation gave some clothes to Agnes, and she is happy being back home.

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