How Outreach Program Gave Him a New Perspective and a New Purpose

My name is Edmont and I’m 13 years old. I’ve been part of the Outreach program for two weeks now

I faced a lot of problems on the street like lack of food and being in prison.

What I liked about the program Outreach is the relationship between the team at New Generation and the children, as well as the overall atmosphere.

I didn’t expect to be given so much attention and care here at the New Generation centre.

I’m happy when I’m at the centre praying with other kids, we are given advice to pray before going to bed.

I took this advice seriously and I now pray for myself and my friends.

Coming to the centre has changed the way I think because I get to watch something on the big screen.

My dream is that I really want someone to be able to send me back to school.

When I’m done with school and I’m able to get some money, I want to build a shelter for street-connected children.

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