Célestin’s story : From surviving on the streets to thriving in school

Do you remember Celestin, our little champion? Some time ago, our Outreach team at New Generation Burundi met him on the streets living a difficult life with no shelter, clothes or food. The moment he joined our center we were all amazed by his curiosity and creativity.

We wanted to hear from him and share with you his new experience at school and in the accomodation provided by the organization. Here is what Célestin had to say:

« My name is Célestin and I’m 6 years old. I’m in school since September 2022. I’m enjoying this phase and I’ve made new friends like Rodrig. Darcy is my best friend. I love studying maths. I’m happy to have a new home and new clothes. I feel a difference between the street life and being in an accomodation. Life on the streets is full of danger. Now I have access to a safe place and food. My living conditions have improved. »

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