Christmas celebration

Christmas at New Generation is celebrated as the anniversary of a program dedicated to the well-being of street-connected children that started in the year 1998.

The organization planned a fun Christmas event at the beach on December 23, 2022 for children living in the accommodations provided by NGB and children who are part of the Outreach Program.

The objective behind the event was to:

  • Giving hope to lead a better life, taking inspiration from the founder’s testimonial
  • Share with the audience testimonials of these children who now have access to education
  • Raise awareness around the rights of children, such as access to basic needs ( food, healthcare, protection, education, freedom of speech)

The founder shared a message around God’s love and faithfulness in his personal journey and his amazing plans for us.

He also advised them no to do drugs, doing good things in life don’t only mean going to school, it’s also about being great leaders and serving the community.

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