Living my dream

‘’My name is Cherubin and I’m 16 years old. I study in Standard 11 and I’ve been with New Generation for 8 years now.

I learnt a lot during my experience at Qatar (Street Child World Cup 2022). I met a lot of other street-connected children and realized that most of our problems are the same.

I scored 3 goals during the football tournament for my team.

I wish to advocate for street-connected children by first telling them that they have the ability to become people of influence and value. I ask each country to take care of street-connected children without discrimination. Street-connected children need protection.

When I was on the streets, I wanted to become a footballer. I got the chance to be part of New Generation, and to be part of Imboneza FC (the football team). The coach helped me improve my game. I would also like to encourage other children to learn a lot of languages. I personally do my own research and with the help of the internet, I am learning English.

I want to become a professional footballer. I wish to have a lot of money in the future and support street-connected children through the medium of football’’

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